WordPress Development done right

Slow Page Loading

Fast doesnt matter but SLOW can kill

  • Image Compression to reduce page load times

    Image sizes can cause your website to slow load, one or two large size images can be brutal on both bandwidth and on load times.

  • Javascript Block Rendering fix

    Not all WordPress sites can benefit from the Block rendering fix, but with a few tweaks your site can be faster

  • Minify CSS

    Minifying the large sizes that CSS files can be, still can hold up page load times, but most themes have requirements within the CSS in order to build the look of the theme.

  • Website Caching to reduce load time

    Caching is the best method to fix slow load times.


Your Business is not a Theme

Did your theme fit your business or did you make your business fit the theme.  Logical questions to ask in this very complex world where the web can dictate your business success.

Working with Pixelvolution we take your ideas, thoughts and business model into consideration when designing your website.

With your style and look: we use our easy to modify Theme to fit your business.