4 Things AI Can Do to Improve Your Content

4 things AI can do to improve your content

No matter what content you write or what stories your brand tells, there’s a good chance artificial intelligence (AI) can help you do it better. Despite the hype you hear, AI is a very real force in marketing. And it’s changing the way brands create and distribute content. This article explores how marketers are using AI to improve their content creation process and why every marketer should get on board with this exciting new trend.

1) What Is AI?

Let’s first look at what exactly artificial intelligence is. It can be hard to tell just how far along we are in its development. Terms like machine learning and artificial general intelligence are often used interchangeably with AI, but they’re different concepts that have slightly different applications. Here are some basic definitions of each: 

Machine Learning : Developing computer programs that can improve performance through experience. (source) To sum up, machines learn by collecting data and finding patterns in their training sets. They then use these patterns to make predictions on new data sets. For example, if your machine learned English by analyzing all of Shakespeare’s plays, it could likely write new plays that share certain similarities with Shakespeare’s work.

2) How Are Brands Using It?

The possibilities are nearly endless. Some brands use it for creative guidance, others use it for audience targeting, and yet others use it for optimization. To get you started on your journey with AI, here are four different ways you can incorporate it into your content marketing strategy . 

1. Creating Social Media content

2. Planning Email marketing campaigns

3. Improving content for landing pages and campaigns.

Now that you’ve learned how brands are using artificial intelligence in their strategies, what about yours? There’s no harm in experimenting; after all, your creativity is where success begins. Try adding any or all of these tactics to your repertoire; if they don’t work for you—no worries! You still have plenty of ideas at your disposal that can catapult your brand forward.

3) How Can We Use It?

Most people (including marketers) think of AI in terms of virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa. But when it comes to marketing, we’re most interested in artificial intelligence as a tool for content creation and distribution. Instead of writing by hand, artificial intelligence lets you automate content creation and even manage and grow your content channels. For instance, program an AI bot with your basic brand guidelines and let it run wild on social media channels—keeping tabs on what works and what doesn’t as it goes along.

With content marketing, AI can optimize your marketing strategy based on all kinds of factors. It can learn what kind of content works best for your target audience, where it’s shared most frequently and who is most likely to engage with it. And it can make decisions about creating new content based on these insights.

4) AI improves human generated Marketing content.

Artificial intelligence is beginning to impact every industry, and marketing is no exception. Marketers are increasingly looking for ways that AI can aid them in their job; after all, who doesn’t want smarter ads? The first way that marketing teams are using AI technology is by enhancing content creation. Many marketers will use pre-packaged templates with automated word suggestions based on common phrases they have seen in previous ads. Other artificial intelligence apps exist specifically for use by marketers, helping them automate mundane tasks so they can focus on more important work. Both of these examples serve as ways that artificial intelligence augments current human workflows instead of replacing humans entirely—and that’s a trend you should keep an eye on. With each new software update or AI feature, there’s always a chance that your position could be one lost to automation. If you see artificial intelligence as an encroachment on your ability to perform your job well, there’s nothing wrong with attempting to fight it — but just know that companies might hire even less people than ever before if it does take over! Try adding some new keywords: Modern search engine algorithms depend heavily on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to help improve visibility and relevance in search results. Just like people, computers need direction when finding things online — so it makes sense that web developers often rely heavily on one thing: synonyms.

AI doesnt control your content, it provides better marketing from your exisitng content

The best way artificial intelligence can improve your content marketing efforts is by enhancing and complementing what you’re already doing. Companies aren’t looking for a magical writing robot to take over their content marketing strategy – they want a tool that helps them tell their stories better, faster and more cost-effectively. That could mean using artificial intelligence to learn from your past successes (and failures) and deliver better results next time around.

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