Start a relationship with email marketing!

Why is email marketing important?

Did you make a relationship today with a new customer without even speaking to them? How would you know, if you didn’t have an email campaign to reach them?

In an era of building and keeping relationships entirely online, with little to no physical customer interaction, email marketing is one of the main methods of connecting with customers. Email marketing can potentially create new interest in your business which can bring in new customers. We have strategies to help your email campaign succeed and energize your business.

Businesses are often so focused on attracting new customers or clients that they forget to foster current client relationships to keep them coming back. This is where email marketing is often useful.

Top Reasons Email Marketing Works

While Fortune 500 companies have entire departments to develop strategies to target specific customer types, independent business owners have a more limited budget. This means you need to focus on creating important, targeted content that encourages return site traffic. That is what email marketing can help with.

  1. Email marketing can alert customers to sales or discounts, increasing awareness of your product
  2. You can tell them about upcoming products or changes to your business.
  3. Email marketing can also tell you who is visiting your site and what they are interested in
Email Marketing spam catch

What about Spam?

You’ve been sent to the spam folder… it’s frustrating and we get it. But that’s where programs like Mailchimp and Constant Contact come in. They use specific software to identify elements within your campaign which might relegate you to the spam folder and help you alter those elements to keep you front and center in your customer’s inbox.

Let’s start creating more business for you…

You can keep researching more and more about email marketing or we can set up a time to talk about the potential revenue you are missing out on. I look forward to helping your business!

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