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We do Web hosting

We like to do web hosting the right way, we want our clients to own there site, and let us focus on the more intricate aspects of managing your website.  We believe in you owning your own Domain while we manage the hosting and server.  Never again spend time talking to Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator or whatever other hosting companies are out there. 

Free web hosting on our monthly maintenance

Are you on our monthly maintenance plan, then your hosting is covered.  We provide the following for a fixed rate of $59.

  1. Hosting through Plex or cPanel (plex is a $5 upcharge, but you get a huge benefit)
  2. Unlimited Hosting Email and/or Gsuite (Gsuite is $10 per account).
  3. We run a 4GB server with weekly backups we. We do not over populate our servers with websites, so never worry about performance. 
  4. Want your own server we manage. We can help do that as well.
Don’t require a maintenance plan, but still want our high performance hosting its only $24.99 a month?

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