Digital Marketing: Real trend, or just another expensive search term?

Digital Marketing

Wait… What is Digital Marketing?

You know that thing that every email marketing plot uses to keep you from sending them straight to the spam folder without hesitation. 

Don’t worry; whatever your answer, this may still interest you and help you with your digital skills.

Suppose you answered yes; congratulations! You are getting the traffic you want, and that’s awesome. But let’s be honest here, the digital realm is a nightmare, and you might have paid $3,000 or even as high as $10,000 for that nifty website you have. So let’s help you out here and talk about some more possible sources of revenue for your business. That’s why you’re here, right?

Your website is excellent, but what does your Instagram and Facebook marketing plan look like?

If your numbers are like the ones above, you’re killing it! You are a Digital Marketing master, and I salute you! But for the rest of us, the above image is from a Facebook business page that is nationally based, with a marketing budget that most business owners would kill for. But don’t despair; being a small local business doesn’t mean you can’t have the big numbers. The image below is a small business.

As I said before, if your numbers look like these, you are ahead of the curve and doing great. But if you are reading this, your numbers probably don’t look like this. Don’t lose hope; this takes time, energy, and creativity.

So let’s get down to business; what does it mean to have followed and liked?

Social media has always been viewed as a big popularity contest. Teens, adults, and even senior citizens are all trying to get the most likes by sharing their most personal self for the whole digital world to see. But that’s only a tenth of what social media was designed for.

So how do you get someone to ‘like’ you? Well, it’s not too different from what your mom always used to tell you. (No, not the part about washing your hands after you use the bathroom…)

  1. Share engaging info about your business. New services, discounts, events, even a photo of your team doing something ridiculous or participating in a social media challenge.
  2. Keep posting info that interests your viewers and keeps them engaged. Not every post needs to be about re-piping houses. Maybe you saw an interesting article about home prices or a new home remodeling show that looked interesting and connected to your customers as people and consumers. Don’t let your page get stale, be creative. 
  3. Add some simple videos; people engage with videos more than just a bunch of text. Even something as simple as showing off your latest and most significant project. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a video of somebody welding together a work of art that has kept me super engaged.

So maybe not exactly what your mom told you, but the same concept. 

Now for the complex and tedious part (unless this is your niche).

Email Marketing!

Woohoo! (Said nobody, ever)


This is a very stale subject so let’s get it done. Email marketing doesn’t have to be overly dense to get your point across. With email marketing sites such as Mailchimp or Constant Contacts, you can feel the marketing at your fingertips…(I mean not unless your keyboard has a short one). Email marketing can help move interested clients into fully converted customers ready to buy your service, or at least consider it seriously even if they aren’t fully decided. I call them The Waiters; they wait for a sale, wait for it to be cheaper, wait for Cyber Monday; we’ve all been there. But how will they know about your sale unless you tell them? Write this down, “Give and Get.” Give a discount, get their email. Give something to get that prize, the email. When you offer that discount through whichever email provider you use, they click it, and conversion is complete!

We did it! Digital Marketing Simplified is complete. To get the full scoop or even a one-on-one review of your website, social media, and analytics, send me an email, and we can get together on Zoom to work through how you can improve your digital game!

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