What is a click funnel?

Leads funnel system

What makes click funnels so different, and how can they help your business? On the surface, it’s all about the data you are able to capture at each stage of the process. But it goes deeper than that, because data isn’t worth much if you don’t use it correctly. If you understand your data, then you can effectively use that data to turn visitors into leads and leads into sales or conversions. That’s why I call click funnels the most important tool in your arsenal.

Where Did Click Funnels Come From?

Click funnels first started as a tool for marketers on Facebook, but it’s quickly evolved into much more. Today, it serves as one of many digital marketing channels and an essential part of any digital marketer’s arsenal. Click funnels can be used to build email lists, drive traffic to your website, help you with SEO and pay per click campaigns among other things. When you purchase a subscription with Click Funnels, you have access to different templates that allow you to create landing pages which then ultimately helps grow your database of subscribers.

Why Are Click Funnels Better Than Landing Pages

Landing pages are great for simply collecting leads and getting people to email you or sign up for your newsletter. But, there’s nothing stopping them from getting back in their inbox and checking out another offer. And because landing pages don’t transfer to your autoresponder, there’s no way to follow up and get in touch with them again.

Click funnels on the other hand are designed to drive the user towards a end goal, get there info or buy your product.  Does it work? Well ask yourself, the last time you researched a new car, finding a product or looking for your next vacation.  Likely, a sales funnel pulled you in, gained your confidence, and in the end got the sale.  

Where Can I Use Click Funnels

Click Funnels’ versatility and ease of use makes it an extremely valuable tool. Click Funnels can be used for numerous purposes, such as: growing an email list, gathering leads or capturing contact information to sell your products or services. However, Click Funnels isn’t just limited to making sales. Click funnels can also help educate customers and nurture prospects who aren’t ready to buy yet – so they’ll come back and buy later.

Where Would I Use Click Funnels Instead Of Landing Pages

A lot of people don’t know that there are actually multiple reasons to use Click Funnels instead of just landing pages. For example, if you want to do viral marketing, then landing pages can’t really help you. If you want to sell someone your product and have them pay for it immediately without having to give you their email address and so on and so forth, landing pages won’t really help either.

Lets be clear, click funnels are not for every business but likely you every business can utilize a click funnel. Isnt that complex and not very clear, well most businesses with a website are built on the brochure design.  To get the most out of your website, landing pages, and email marketing you need a place to pull in prospects and get there data.   Let us help you with creating your next sales solution using a click funnel.

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